To Touch on Tension, a solo exhibition by Daniel Chong

Exhibition : 9/2/18 – 16/2/18
Time : 11am – 7pm daily (closed on monday)
Opening reception on 9/2/18 from 7pm onwards

Supernormal is proud to present the first of our ongoing open call series by Daniel Chong.

The works in the exhibition explore the notion of tension from an affectatious point of view. Through the use of materiality, and its connotative qualities, each artwork sets up a situation that is both precarious and ephemeral in nature. Lasting over a week, the works’ impermanence are vital to its construction; many of the works will change its form over the course of the exhibition. A recurring motif in Chong’s body of work, the exhibition will serve to explore tension through the transient.

About the Open Call

The Supernormal Opencall is an ongoing program that allows anyone to submit an artistic proposal of any medium and discipline. The selected artist will get to use our space for one week (+/-) for an exhibition/project/performance. No funding will be provided but we will try to help if we can.


Daniel Chong


Spanning across mediums, forms and materials, Daniel Chong’s practice focuses on the investigation of affect through materiality. In doing so, each work functions as pockets of sentimentality without a narratative burden. Holding sentimentality as power, Chong references personal affect (the self) and collective affect (funeral services, monuments and memorials) in an interconnected research to produce his works. While often loaded with multiple dichotomies – materially, connotatively or visually – Chong’s works are quiet though not muted. Its whisper owes much to his practice working heavily with subtlety as form; with each work only revealing itself through intentional focus and observation.




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