Opencall #2


In collaboration with SAND Magazine, Supernormal is excited to present our second Open Call. Technology is mostly linked to social surveillance, artificial intelligence and more importantly, a companion to modern artists. How does technology provide one with more freedom to pursue and create art? We are interested in different ways in which artists engage with technology. Can technology be misused, and how so? And how are artists engaging with technology from a conceptual point of view?

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Opencall #1 : To Touch on Tension by Daniel Chong


To Touch on Tension, a solo exhibition by Daniel Chong

Exhibition : 9/2/18 – 16/2/18
Time : 11am – 7pm daily (closed on monday)
Opening reception on 9/2/18 from 7pm onwards

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THOUGHT LINES, a solo exhibition by Berny Tan


In her first solo exhibition, Berny Tan presents a new series of twenty abstract embroideries, reflecting on the medium’s obsessive nature through the repetitive motion of stitching. Each study is created by adhering to sets of written rules, based on thought patterns and mechanisms that manifest within the artist’s personal anxieties.

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Café CUP by Atelier HOKO


Supernormal is proud to present Atelier HOKO for their latest work “Café CUP” .

Café CUP is a drinking laboratory that invites visitors to be curious about the sensations of drinking from a cup. Visitors get to choose and drink from a collection of 17 cup prototypes, produced in consideration of the findings made through Atelier HOKO’s research publication ‘Science of the Secondary: Cup’. Facilitating various drinking gestures, this installation experience is an attempt to uncover the source of enjoying a beverage beyond the sense of taste.

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Expanding Rectangles by Tiffany Loy

“The rectangle is the only shape the weaving loom can produce. Is this a restriction? Or a starting point for unlimited expansions?

With these questions in mind as a point of departure, Tiffany Loy sets out on a journey which eventually led her new collection, entirely woven and crafted by herself, through a long process of experimentation and discovery. Supernormal is proud to present 10 of these new pieces, in conjunction with her open studio session as part of 1KM.

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